Statement Condemning Ms Joan Kagezi's Killing

Transparency International Uganda condemns the murder of Joan Kagezi

Transparency International Uganda is shocked by the murder of Joan Kagezi , the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution and Senior Principal State Attorney and calls for her killers to be brought to justice.

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Empowering community structures to improve health service delivery


VACs Defeat Illegal Fishing Methods on Buyange Island

A community member speaks out on how they have managed yo defeat Illegal Fishing Methods on Buyange Island


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Daily Monitor article reports more of the same on lack of accountability in government

An article in yesterday's Monitor reports that the 23-month Werikhe investigation is exonerating three Cabinet members of oil bribery and embezzlement allegations

Oil affected communities get another chance to communicate with government and air grievances

TIU observes the new set of government and refinery affected community conversations as the two parties try again to work together to successfully complete the RAP process

ICT 4 Sustainable Community Development

Following the decline and eventual end of the rebel insurgency in Northern Uganda, many civil society organizations moved into the region to rebuild and improve service delivery by ensuring

Fostering Civic Participation and Public Accountability through use of ICTs: East Africa

The Democratization process of the East African Countries still remains elusive as Civil and Political actors of Governments and top leadership remains major impediments in addressing the underlying problems to social evils such as corruption,